Gluten Free

GF Wagyu-Beef Salad

Our classic signature dish inspired by an old Thai family recipe! Tender slices of char-grilled Wagyu Beef in a tossed salad of Tomatoes, Cucumber, Lettuce, Mint, Coriander, Chilli and Bean Shoots

+ Avocado $4


GF Steamed Barramundi

Bamboo-steamed fresh Barramundi with Leek, Carrots, Coriander and Bean Shoots. Served with steamed Jasmine Rice and a Sweet Chilli sauce.


GF Prime Wagyu Steak

A prime cut of Wagyu Beef cooked to your liking and served with tossed salad, pickled Asian Vegetables, steamed Jasmine Rice and BBQ sauce.


GF Lazy Paul’s Wagyu Beef Sandwich

Juicy char-grilled Wagyu Beef pattie, served on gluten free bread and topped with Cheese, Coleslaw, pickled Asian Vegetables, Sriracha mayonnaise and BBQ sauce. Accompanied by steamed Jasmine Rice.

+ Avocado or Bacon $4 or both for $6


Kids Gluten-Free

Mini Beef Sandwich ‘n
Shoe-string Fries