Gluten Free

Steamed Barramundi

Fresh Barramundi steamed Asian-style with Shallots, Coriander, Lime ‘n Rice. Served with Sweet Chilli Sauce.


Grilled Salmon

Grilled Ocean Salmon with Crispy Potatoes, wilted Greens and our delicious house-made Citrus Dressing.


Baked Potato with Smoked Brisket

Whole Potato loaded with Smoked Brisket and baked with shredded Cheese. Served with Lettuce ‘n Cucumber and BBQ Sauce on the side.


Lemon Pepper Fish Salad

A crisp Salad of shredded Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onion ‘n Cucumber, complimented with Vermicelli Noodles, topped with lightly-grilled Lemon Pepper Fish Pieces. Comes with Lemon wedges and our house-made Citrus Dressing.

+ Avocado $4


Fresh Rice Paper Rolls

Hand-made with Fresh Chicken Vermicelli Noodles, Egg, fresh Herbs ‘n Greens. Served with Sweet Chilli Sauce.


Wagyu-Beef Salad

Our Classic dish inspired by an old Thai Family recipe, featuring char-grilled Ranger’s Valley Beef, tossed Garden Leaf Salad, Tomatoes, Chilli, Cucumber, Mint, Coriander, Bean Shoots and Sweet Chilli Sauce.

+ Avocado $4


Lazy Paul’s Wagyu Sandwich

A juicy char-grilled Beef Pattie of Ranger’s Valley marble-five-score Beef served on Gluten-free Bread, topped with Cheese, House-Slaw, Pickles, Sriracha Mayonnaise and BBQ Sauce. Accompanied by Shoe-string Fries.

+ Avocado or Bacon $4 or both for $5


Wagyu Steak

A prime-cut of Ranger’s Valley marble-five-score Beef, cooked to your liking and served with Shoe-string Fries, House-Slaw and BBQ Sauce.


Kids Gluten-Free

Mini Beef Sandwich ‘n
Shoe-string Fries


Toasty Cheese Finger ‘n
Shoe-string Fries


  • Garden Salad12

  • Seasonal Vegetables10

  • Shoe-string Fries10

  • Ask our staff for Gluten-free Sauces
    (Sweet Chilli, Soy, BBQ or Tomato)