Lite Bites

Chop ’n Chill Combo Tray for 2

Two light n airy Steamed Buns filled with Tahu Goreng & Sweet Soy Peanut Dressing; char-grilled Calamari topped with Bean Shoots; fresh house-made Chicken Rice Paper Roll; Brisket 'n Chinese Vegetable Spring Roll; Nasi Goreng with Pork 'n Chicken. All served with Chinese Pickled Vegetables and Dipping Sauces.

Mixed Quesadilla

American-style Quesadilla - one side filled with mixed Cheese 'n Garlic melt; the other with Smoked BBQ Brisket, Cheese, Jalapeño and Onion. Sour Cream on the side.

+ Avocado $4


Crispy Chicken Wings

Crispy Chicken Wings served with your choice of Lazy Paul's BBQ Marinate or Spicy Buffalo Sauce. Comes with Carrot n Celery Sticks and Blue Cheese Dressing.


Our chef's own hand-made fresh Chicken Vermicelli Noodle Roll with Egg, Herbs 'n Greens, and a Brisket n Chinese Vegetable Spring Roll. Served with a tangy Asian Dipping Sauce.

Baked Camembert

Warm-baked Wheel of Camembert Cheese, stacked with Caramelized Onions & Dried Fruits and served with Toasted Sourdough, Carrot n Celery Sticks.

+ Add $3 Caramelized Capsicum, and Fruit Chutney.


CNC Chicken Bites

A Chop 'n Chill House Special of bite-sized lightly coated and crunchy fried Chicken Strips. Flavoured with our own special Marinate, sprinkled with Bean-shoots and Mint, and served with Carolina Mustard Dipping Sauce and Kewpie Mayonnaise.

Grilled Calamari

Char-grilled Calamari cooked over a high heat, sprinkled with Coriander, Bean Shoots and Mint. Served with our own Chilli n Lime Dipping Sauce.

Art of Avocado

Baked Avocado Wedges with smoked BBQ Brisket, diced Bacon and mixed Cheese Melt. Splashed with Lazy Paul's BBQ Marinate and a dash of Japanese Mayonnaise.

San Fran Chow Bow

Shredded Smoked Pork, lightly spiced and served ready-to-roll in fresh Lettuce Cups with Peanuts and Sambal 'n Lime.